June 19, 2012

Beer market leader San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) makes the country proud again this year as nine San Miguel Beer brands scored various awards in the prestigious Monde Selection, the foremost barometer of quality in the beverage industry worldwide.


SMB’s Brewing Technical Group Manager Rebecca S. Flores will formally receive six gold medals, three silver medals, plus one International High Quality Trophy for SMB this coming June in a ceremony at Athens, Greece.


Cerveza Negra – one of the three brands under the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews portfolio–


The International High Quality Trophy is given to brands awarded with a gold medal for three consecutive years.emerged as SMB’s biggest winner this year, romping off with an International High Quality Trophy anew.   Last 2009, this dark lager, known for its full-bodied caramel flavor, was awarded the same.


San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer and San Miguel Super Dry, the two other lifestyle brands of San Miguel, both bagged a gold medal.


The management is also happy to announce that its newly-introduced fruit-flavored beers -


the San Miguel Flavored Beer  which comes in lemon and apple variants– already gained the nod of the discriminating international panel.   The apple-flavored beer received a gold medal while the lemon-flavored beer won a silver.


According to Flores, the company is extremely happy with the Monde feat of San Miguel’s newly introduced beers.


“When we submitted our entries for this year’s Monde, we felt that we needed to include our flavored beers although both are relatively new in the domestic market.  We were confident the international jury will easily notice these two beer variants.   True enough, they did, to the extent of giving us a gold medal for the apple-flavored beer and a silver


medal for the lemon-flavored beer,” she said.


Launched only in 2011, both variants continue to register strong sales volumes in the domestic market.


Other gold awardees from SMB in this year’s Monde Selection are the seasonal  San Miguel Oktoberfest  Pale Pilsen Beer and the country’s no. 1 extra strong beer, Red 


Horse Beer.  Consistent Monde winner San Miguel Pale Pilsen won a silver together with San Mig Light, the leading low-calorie beer in the Philippines.


Annually, San Miguel Beer brands are awarded by the organizing committee of the Monde Selection International Quality Institute, another solid proof that Filipino products are at par with the world’s best beverages.     # Metformin